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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Third b notice

Instructions and Help about Third b notice

In this video we continue the prior video by considering the effect of confounding that prior video was all about the technical details behind confounding we know that confounding can confuse us but I'll show you how some knowledge about our systems can be used to recover useful information but first right at the beginning of the course remember how I always asked you to think how each factor might impact the outcome now you are going to see why I made you do that consider the case where we are treating water and we have three factors the first is the chemical added to treat the water the second is temperature and the third is stirring speed a full set of experiments would require 8 runs but if I can only afford 4 or 5 experiments I should run a half fraction my higher experience with the system might lead me to believe there will be no significant interaction between temperature and stirring speed I would like to get a good eof the chemical factor added remember the premise that chemical Q was twice the cost of chemical P in that case I don't want the effects of the chemical to be confounded with other effects in the system so if I would like this good eof the chemical added factor by that I mean I don't want it to be confounded with other large effects a natural choice is to a leus the interaction between any other two factor interaction temperature and stirring speed in this case with the chemical effect so now when I plan my experiments I could rather assign a as the temperature B as the stirring speed and factor C the chemical factor can be set as a times B notice that I'm free to assign the letters to my factors in any way and I can choose the assignment that causes the least problems given that I know confounding will occur now factor C that chemical effect will be confounded with the a B interaction but I've used my knowledge of the system that I know that that a B in is going to be small so I'm pretty sure that the effect of see the chemical effect will be a good eof that chemical effect and not be confounded with the a/b interaction right there is where I've demonstrated good use of educated guessing and smart assumptions notice that you may not get this assignment of letters correct the first time but that's quite okay I often tell my students it feels like I spend more time planning my experiments than actually doing them that's because usually we only have one chance to do them but I have many chances to plan them on paper if I don't like the confounding pattern I get the first time I can simply reassign my letters and I can do that as many times as I like until I get a.

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