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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Third b notice

Instructions and Help about Third b notice

In this video we continue the prior video by considering the effect of confounding that prior video was all about the technical details behind confounding we know that confounding can confuse us but I'll show you how some knowledge about our systems can be used to recover useful information but first right at the beginning of the course remember how I always asked you to think how each factor might impact the outcome now you are going to see why I made you do that consider the case where we are treating water and we have three factors the first is the chemical added to treat the water the second is temperature and the third is stirring speed a full set of experiments would require 8 runs but if I can only afford 4 or 5 experiments I should run a half fraction my higher experience with the system might lead me to believe there will be no significant interaction between temperature and stirring speed I would like to get a good eof the chemical factor added remember the premise that chemical Q was twice the cost of chemical P in that case I don't want the effects of the chemical to be confounded with other effects in the system so if I would like this good eof the chemical added factor by that I mean I don't want it to be confounded with other large effects a natural choice is to a leus the interaction between any other two factor interaction temperature and stirring speed in this case with the chemical effect so now when I plan my experiments I could rather assign a as the temperature B as the stirring speed and factor C the chemical factor can be set as a times B notice that I'm free to assign the letters to my factors in any way and I can choose the assignment that causes the least problems given that I know confounding will occur now factor C that chemical effect will be confounded with the a B interaction but I've used my knowledge of the system that I know that that a B in is going to be small so I'm pretty sure that the effect of see the chemical effect will be a good eof that chemical effect and not be confounded with the a/b interaction right there is where I've demonstrated good use of educated guessing and smart assumptions notice that you may not get this assignment of letters correct the first time but that's quite okay I often tell my students it feels like I spend more time planning my experiments than actually doing them that's because usually we only have one chance to do them but I have many chances to plan them on paper if I don't like the confounding pattern I get the first time I can simply reassign my letters and I can do that as many times as I like until I get a.


What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child?
EDIT: For those saying I’m weak-willed and self-loathing, I beg to differ. I’ve come so far from eating disorders and suicidal attempts and deep depression. You can’t belittle that with your words. I don’t believe in “I’ve been through worse so your struggles don’t exist.” It’s simply the most toxic way to live. Move along if you’re insulted by my “patheticness”.Backhanded compliments.When I was young, I had extreme body dysmorphia. I never even noticed until recently when I actually looked at my childhood photos. I’ve always had low self-confidence but this shocked me to the core.Let’s start at the beginning. When I was a baby, I won awards for having the most beautiful eyes and smile. I don’t think my mum was the type to enter in those competitions. My aunt urged my mum to enter me because she entered her daughter. I won, of course, and that vexed my aunt. Her daughter was born just 10 days before me, even though we were due on the same day. Crazy how she beat me to it!“Bloody hell, she talks a lot.” My aunt complimented me for how much I talked. I guess she was upset her daughter didn’t talk yet.At 2 and a half years old, I started dance classes. I was a star! However, I thought I was fat in my costume due to some comments about my size from the dress-makers.I learned to read at age 3. My aunt complained I wasn’t active enough because I was always indoors reading (not true, I loved playing outside).At age 10, I was still dancing. Every year I felt self-conscious wearing my costumes and leotards. I thought I was fat. My aunts would always tell me how much of a GIANT I was (apparently I was SO TALL for a girl my age). My cousins would always pick up my girl cousin and throw her around, saying how cute and small she was. When it came to my turn, they would suddenly get tired and stop playing.Eating in front of my cousins made me uncomfortable. I loved all and every food. I would eat my dinner in an instant while my aunt had to bribe my girl cousin to eat. Then she’d remark, “Wow, you eat a lot!” It felt like a punch in the gut. Those backhanded compliments found a way to put me in my place.Over the years it continued. So much manipulation, so many stealthy jabs. I developed an eating disorder at the same time I fell ill with chronic fatigue and I dropped out of school.After my parents divorced, I was able to realise just how terribly that family treated me. I was broken in so many ways just from the few words they’d utter each time I saw them.When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw an ugly giant. Tall, chubby, bad skin, ratty hair, crappy fashion. This is how they’d shaped me through their comments.Fast forward to a few days ago. I watched the videos from my dancing days and I was reduced to tears because:I was tiny. Such a small, petite child with just a little baby fat on the belly. I was short and cute, and had the most beautiful smile. Smallest in my class, but the brightest. No sign of obesity, just the light of innocence that burned out quickly in my teens.I was never as fat as they told me I was. I was never a giant. I was much cuter than my cousin and it was amplified by my infectious personality. So intelligent, polite and enthusiastic.They tried to break me but instead I broke free. I went back to school, worked through high school, and now I’m a law student.Suck it, assholes.UPDATE: I feel I should clarify something about my parents since a few comments blamed them.My dad was positively scared of his sister. She planted the seed to divorce my mum. There was also a lot of pressure from my mum over the 20 years they were together to stand up to his sister because she manipulated all of us with her comments. For years she tried her best to exclude my mum because she was bitter about her shitty marriage. My dad was such a great man that all of his sisters were jealous of my mother.The Showdown:A few years ago I gathered the courage to go to a whole family Christmas with my dad’s family. It was FRIGHTENING and I couldn’t handle going. The last Christmas before this, they claimed they weren’t giving out presents to the older kids anymore because they couldn’t afford it. I had a suspicion that they were just saying that so they didn’t have to gift my sister and I, and upon my surprise entry to this Christmas gathering, I was right. My 30 year old cousins were getting presents and me and my sister, at 16 and 13, were too old for gifts.Anyway, I went to the kitchen to talk with my grandma who I hadn’t seen in years. She said she missed me and I said “Why didn’t you visit me? I haven’t left my house in 2 years and I live next door to you.”She seemed to struggle with her words. At this point, my aunt’s ears pricked and she swooped in to TALK FOR MY GRANDMA. She attacked me saying, I couldn’t be part of their family if I wasn’t going to make an effort. Her words were so scathing that I started to cry. I didn’t want to because I wanted to be strong but I panicked. Her words were so hurtful. I was so easily removed from that family.I told her my depression and suicidal thoughts prevented me from contacting anyone in my family and I wasn’t faking it.Then she blamed my mother and I said: “I know more about the divorce than you do. You know only one side.”She thought this was hilarious and said only I knew one side. She talked as if she knew more than anyone. Her yelling made me feel so small and so pathetic. Then all of her sisters crowded around at me, yelling at me, telling me I’m wrong.I cried so hard that I had to leave. My dad was nowhere to be seen. I felt heartbroken and betrayed that he wouldn’t stand up for me. I ran to the car and stayed there until he took me home. My mum found out and went ballistic. She wouldn’t forgive him after he let his sisters treat me like scum.They treated her like that all the time, but just once towards me, and I was a mess. I didn’t expect the adults I’d grown up with, my family, would attack me like that.It’s been 5 years since that Christmas and my dad has tried a lot harder to be close to me. He’s still loyal to his family but he calls me often to see how I’m doing, when he didn’t before.My mum has always been incredible about it and has never put my confidence down. She’s in denial about her mental issues though, which are troubling and often plaguing our home life.I feel glad that I stood up to that puta because she was a complete demon and I needed to tell her to her face before I left that family forever.
Water flows into the tank through two pipes and flows out of the third pipe spontaneously. Pipe A would fill the tank in 3 hours, pipe B would fill in 4 hours, and pipe C would flow out in 12 hours. How long will the tank take to fill?
Pipe A = 1/3 fillingPipe B = 1/4 fillingPipe C = -1/12 emptyingthus:1/3 + 1/4 - 1/12 = 1/t4 + 3 - 1 = 12/t6 = 12/tt = 12/6 = 2 hrs = answer
Are we heading towards World War III?
China + U.S.A. = war within 25 years.Yes, sadly I truly honestly think we are headed towards WW3. I believe it will start in the South China Sea.Why? Because the Chinese Communist Government wants the respect it feel it deserves from the United States and from the World. The leader of China, President Xi is VERY Nationalistic. You can read his speech here: Speech delivered by President Xi at the NPC closing meetingChina was the most powerful country in the Asian world for 5000 years, and they want America GONE from Asia. Period.Many smaller nation's like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan (all of whom are allies with America) are suspicious of Chinese “fishing activities,” and the construction of artificial airport and missile islands by the Chinese Government in the South China Sea.America views the rise of China as a deliberate challenge to not only American power, but as a deliberate challenge to all of Americas allies in the area.America, the current military superpower is suspicious of China, and China feels that The United States looks down upon their newly re-birthed, ancient civilization.The U.S.A. has the most powerful military on the globe and it`s navy guards the world’s trade routes. These highways on the sea - the shipping lanes including those shipping lanes in and around The South China Sea. Trade routes along the South China Sea is 35% of the worlds economy and China wants to gain total and absolute control over it.China`s economy could (within the next 30 years) be double that of the USA. Would a China with an economy 2x larger than that of America`s just accept American military dominance of their local trading sea lanes? I doubt it.China wishes to gain control over the South China Sea and believes they can kick the US navy out of the South China Sea. That`s why they are building island there. China has the largest nuclear submarine bases under one of it`s islands: China's Most Important South China Sea Military BaseIf China were to battle the USA over this sea route it would freak the stock markets out. Just look at what a tiny little, temporary trade-spat has done to the economy recently.The world stock markets could collapse if the 2 largest economies started a small battle in the South China sea. Economic instability in all countries around the world would make ethnic, religious and political tensions far far worse than they are today. Japan, a neighbour of China's has the largest debt of any first world country. If it's economy collapsed, the Japanese would likely look outwards for someone to blame.Imagine what would happen to the EU if such a battle broke out? Who would the Europeans blame for the failed Euro, for the failing economy? I`ll tell you. The EU is already falling apart. And most Europeans will blame the European Union, they will blame new immigrants to Europe (especially Muslims) and they will blame China, because IF they had to choose a side..the Europeans will choose America over China. Why? Because the Chinese, a new superpower, tried to CHANGE things from how they used to be.China today, right now is educating its young people to be nationalistic, they are preparing them for war (not unlike the Hitler youth of Nazi Germany) They educate their young people that from 1850 to 1950 evil foreigners destroyed their great civilization. They ESPECIALLY hate the Japanese, and are looking to gain revenge on Japan in one way or anther.And it`s now their turn to “Make China Great Again.” Think Trump is a Nationalist? Trump is NOTHING compared to Xi of China. Here is a link to the Chinese Nationalist Education system: Subscribe to read | Financial TimesIf even if a small battle broke out between America and China, Vietnam, Japan and The Philippines and possible Taiwan would ALL be immediately drawn into battle. There`s a multitude of reason for this, which I won`t go into• but I assure you, they will be forced to act immediately.The world has never seen a time where there has been such power nations as modern America and modern China. They are absolute MONSTERS in terms of population, organization, weapons development and global influence.And sadly, MOST Americans today have very very little idea of just how modern, how large and powerful China is AT THIS VERY MOMENT. At this very moment: International rankings of China - WikipediaChina, in some parts is far more modern than America. It has nearly 100 cities with more than 10 million people in China, bullet trains. They build skyscraper in China in less than a month.If you look back in history, when two large powerful nations exist - more often than not it leads to war. You can look up a Harvard Study called “Thucydides Trap,” 11 out of 16 times. 70% of the time 2 giant powers that challenge one another - end up going to war. The Thucydides Trap: Are the U.S. and China Headed for War?Additionally,China of today shares striking (and scary) similarities to Pre-WW2 Nazi Germany:Pre WW2 Germany1). had no history of democracy2). was a VERY poor country, the victim of war3). was invaded by foreign powers4). A Nationalist leader + his party kicked out foreign powers,5). A nationalist leader promoted “we are the victims of foreign aggression, we are an important, special group of people”6). The economy grew FASTEST in Europe: became largest economy in Europe7). no allowance for criticism from the press8). ruling political party did not allow for other parties9). government locked up religious and ethnic minorities10). quickly built up its ships, tanks, airplanes,11). challenged it`s neighbours territoryChina Today1). has NO history of democracy2). It was until very recently, a VERY poor country - the victim of foreign aggression (Germany, England, Japan, France, Russia all invaded China)3). was invaded by foreign powers4). Had a Nationalist leader (Mao) that kicked out foreign powers,5). President Xi of China, is STRONG Nationalist leader that promotes ideas like, “we are the Chinese are victims of foreign aggression, we are an important, special group of people, we will ONE DAY return to power and the world, including America WILL respect us!! ”6). China`s economy grew FASTEST in Asia, became largest economy in Asia7). CCP has no allowance for criticism from the press8). The CCP party does not allow for other parties9). government locked up religious and ethnic minorities. There are millions of Muslims locked up in Western China.10). China is quickly building up its ships, tanks, airplanes, AND thousands of nuclear weapons.11). China is challenged its neighbour’s territory (from the perspective of Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.There is going to be war between China and the USA, and no one now can imagine just how horrible it’s going to be.It`s going to be fought on a million different fronts, electronically - we will shut one another stock markets down, technology wars, hacking power grids, drones, shutting down airfreights, the world economy• etc., etc.This was has already started as a trade war…and it still continue, and it will slowly build, it`s not going to be pretty.I expect war to break out between the U.S.A. and China within the next 25 years.
Can I print a notice of intent form to homeschool in Nevada, fill it out, and turn it in?
It's best to ask homeschoolers in your state. Every state has different laws. What works in one may not work in another.This looks like the information you need: Notice of Intent (NOI)
How can I be more persuasive and assertive at work?
People talk a lot about wanting to be persuasive when what they really want is to be influential - and trying to be persuasive is often a really bad way to be influential.I used to be terrible at this. I had a background in competitive debate, and would use that framing to approach discussions at work. I would regularly "win" public arguments and "persuade" people that I was right, but I wasn't succeeding in being influential. Somehow, despite being clearly "right", my ideas weren't influencing senior executives.The problem was that I was being a jerk.Most people don't like being persuaded. If you "persuaded" someone, then that means that you "won", and people tend to not like losing, particularly to someone junior to them. Similarly, if you approach a discussion with the mindset of wanting to persuade someone, then that means you are not respecting their opinions. This isn't a way to win friends.People like it even less if you make them look stupid in public. If you point out a flaw in someone's argument during a public meeting or email thread then everyone watching has just learned that they shouldn't include you in meetings because you might be a jerk.Even worse, sometimes you will persuade someone to accept your point of view when you are wrong. If a bad decision was made, do you really want it to be the case that you were clearly the person who forced that decision down people's throats by being persuasive?I find that a much better mindset to have is that you know that the other person understands a lot about the problem that you don't, but that you have some rough hypotheses and observations that you think they might be interested in discussing with you one-on-one. Sometimes the other person will decide that your hypotheses are right and will appreciate the fact that you helped them improve the quality of their thinking - but you didn't "persuade" them, and you should never tell anyone that was what you did.Trying to be persuasive works great if you are a lawyer, because you don't need to go to work the next day and collaborate with the person you just made look stupid. But it's terrible in business.
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