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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Publication 1586

Instructions and Help about Publication 1586

Hi everyone this is Nikki with design like a pro and today I'm excited to share another magazine tutorial for all of you guys out there that are designing your own magazines lay out things like that the fun part about this lesson is we are going to be designing four pages for a magazine article this is going to be a standard three page article it's very very popular and a common article layout but we are going to add and add in the mix as well so this is something that is really popular in beauty magazines lifestyle magazines fashion magazines pretty much any magazine but really you're going to see this a lot in those particular ones so this is going to give you an opportunity to design a three page layout for your articles and then have an ad in the mix as well and that's going to be a full page ad so let's go ahead and get started and set up our document what we are going to do is come in here and go to create a new document and I'm going to go ahead and check preview so that we can see what we're doing is we're doing this and this is one of the newer features of InDesign CC it's really important to think about the size of this we are designing this article on the fly and it eventually could be part of a larger magazine layout but oftentimes if you're working in teams you may be responsible for just working on one specific section of the magazine and you may be doing that in InDesign in your InDesign and then linking that together with the bigger magazine publication so in this case we're still very aware of what the overall settings are for our magazine and we're just going to create something for this specifically out right now so what I'm doing is a standard magazine size and there's a bunch of different ones depending on the project but this is a very standard u.s. size for a lot of magazines so eight point two six seven seven inches by eleven point six nine to nine now might sound really crazy to you but that's what we have and then we do of course want to go down here and add our eighth of an inch blue to all of the outsides of our document everything else is the same we want to make sure that facing pages is checked and we can go ahead here and add the pages that we want we are going to be working on a four page layout so you can go ahead and add those four pages facing pages is going to make sure that we're actually designing in spread so it's going to take those pages and put them side-by-side now one thing to note when you are designing an indesign with facing pages the first page is always done.

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